Funny conversation – Teacher and Student :)

by sriwidu

Funny conversation which took place between my music teacher and me:

Me: Sir, ye UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN continuously nahi aaraha hai sir.Bahut atak raha hai.

Teacher: Kaha atak raha hai…Up ya down?

Me: Kabhi up..ya kabhi down pe.I want to perform it in a loop, and it doesn’t work out for more than a minute or two.

Teacher: .atak raha hai? Kyu atak tha.Karo Karo…UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN karthe hi raho…pehle kisiko bhi kabhi bhi nahi gusta,UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN karthe hi raho…ek din apne aap gus jaayegi…..karo karo, practice practice and practice

P.S : I am not sure if you consider that funny, but all the students laughed their ass off!!!

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